If you are reading this now, the US is a great big s*** show. The COVID-19 corona virus has everyone up in arms. So I thought I would discuss how I am ready for it… at least as far as the beer situation goes.

I recently brewed my first Cream Ale. I am not a huge fan of the style, but I wanted something lighter on tap that was closer to 5% ABV for easy session-able drinking. Check out the recipe here. The final result is pretty damn amazing. The cascade is there just enough to make it refreshing to drink. The light body is very effervescent and looks great in the glass, albeit a bit light in color. It seems like a good base to try out different hops as well. I would consider using citra or something more exotic to highlight a favorite hop of yours.

Fermenting is another light and easy to drink beer. I have attempted to clone Bell’s Light Hearted Ale. It is not ready yet, but all indications point to a very clean and drinkable beer. It finished around 1.007 with the Bell’s A62 yeast my buddy Marc hearvested from some Bell’s Amber Ale a few months ago.

I currently have 3 nearly full kegs and one about to be filled. Along with a case or two of random other beers I think I will be able to manage my way through the social distancing and self-isolation just fine. Stay healthy and happy everyone.