Fermenting away…

About every year I feel the need to “reset” my inventory of hops. I like to think that this keeps my ingredients fresh. This time around I brewed an IPA with Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial. Although, it was mostly Chinook. The brew and fermentation went well and ended up with a pretty robust 6.7% beer.

Here is the link to the batch: https://share.brewfather.app/YqKTENtkmyma1p

Brewfather batch results.

My overall impression is that it is great! There is a nice citrus aroma and flavor. In addition to the citrus flavor, there is a nice piney/resinous flavor from the Chinook hops that I really enjoy.

After having this on tap for about a month the aroma has taken a nose dive. I would suspect that it is because I dry hopped with mostly Chinook. It is still plenty drinkable and certainly fills the need to have a hoppy beer on one of my 4 taps. IPAs and Pales go so fast, it is sometimes hard to keep up!