There have been 8 logo submissions! Thanks to all who participated. Voting will happen at the May meeting. Because we have so many submissions we will need to do either ranked voting or multiple rounds. This will be decided on and explained as we get closer. We will probably just do it like we do brewing competitions and you will vote on your top 3 favorite.

Logo 1 – Original

Logo 2 – Drinkin’ Abe (including monochrome alternate)

Logo 3 – Updated Original (including monochrome and “penny” colored alternate)

Logo 4 – Wagon Wheel (including pint and monochrome “stamp” alternate)

Logo 5 – Barrel

Logo 6 – Schooner 1

Logo 7 – Schooner 2

Logo 8 – Hat

Logo 9 – Schooner with Taps