The Prairie Schooners and a few loanable assets to help your brewing related activities. All that is needed is an active membership and a signed waiver stating that any damage will be repaired or the item will be replaced.

If you are interested in using anything listed below, just get ahold of anyone from the club leadership and we can arrange a pickup.

Here is what is available:

  • Two Tap Jockey Box x2 – These include regulators, all you need is a CO2 bottle and your pin or ball lock kegs.
  • Popup Tents x2 – Just the cover/shade kind
  • Foldable tables x2 – Plastic, one small one large
  • Pin Cask – necessary consumables also included
  • Stand Corker and hood Twister – Perfect for bottling meads, wine, belgian beers, or wild fermented projects
  • SS Brewtech Keg Washer – Really nice for when you have a lot of kegs to wash in a day

Waiver Document