I have been using really crappy digital thermometers for too long. I used the cheap $2 ones from ebay. I used a ThermoPro grill thermometer until the probe went bad. Then I was back to using my original thermometer from my first beer kit, the long skinny glass type, until I dropped it. Whomp whomp. I decided that it was time to get something a little nicer as temperate is a pretty important part of my brewday.

Getting water up to strike temperature

Found a deal to get one I have been eyeing on Amazon for $20 after a coupon so I grabbed it. I an tell you now, the IHT-1P is my new favorite tool in my brewing kit. It is an instant read thermometer that is accurate to within 2 degrees Fahrenheit in 3-5 seconds. It’s fast and it is an absolute steal at $20.

It is also loaded with features without being complicated. It’s rechargeable with an included USB-C cable. Battery is reported to last 11 hours of continuous use. It has a bright back light. Auto shutoff by just closing it. Hold the temp with a short press. Celsius and Fahrenheit modes with a long press.

Checking pitching temps on some blueberry honey mead.

I highly recommend Inkbird IHT-1P thermometer to anyone looking to upgrade past a basic thermometer. It’s fast and a lot cheaper than some other $100 instant read Thermapen thermometers available.