Did you know that a US nickel, 5ยข piece, weighs 5 grams. Neat. Let’s check to see if my scales are accurate from 5-100 grams.

The scale above is what I use for hops and water additions. It needs to be pretty accurate and precice as I am frequently measuring out to the 1/10 of a gram.

Looks like my other scale is fairly accurate, despite the lack of precision. I previously use this scale for grain measurements. However I fount it would be quite a bit off if the surface it was on was not perfect.

My new grain scale doesn’t do grams, but it is a bit more forgiving on my rickety table I use for brewing tasks.

I feel like the nickles are not always perfectly 5 grams. We aren’t talking precision measuring equipment here. I think this is pretty close though. No need to calibrate in my opinion. If you do need to calibrate just check online for the model of scale you are working with.

I would recommend checking your scales at the weights they are going to be used at to ensure accurate measurements. All measuring equipment seems to intermittently need calibration. It’s best to stay on top of it and know the potential for variations so you can be confident in your recipes.