A couple brewing friends and I wanted to split a 10lb pail of Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW) so we tried ordering from our local homebrew shop. For whatever reason we were not sure if the order was ever made or ever be delivered so we contacted some friends at a local microbrewery to grab us a pail on their next order. Well, turns out the homebrew shop DID order it and it came in. So now we have a lot of PBW! I need to find some other uses for it. Here are some things I found not brewing related (most I have not tried, but they seem legit):

  • Removing coffee stains from mugs/cups/carafes
  • Cleaning floor mats in your car or truck
  • Cleaning baked on food on your oven top
  • Doing dishes without scrubbing (avoid Teflon)
  • Restoring grill grates and grills to their former glory
  • Soak old shoes in PBW to make them look and smell new again
  • Cleaning kitchen pots and pans (again, avoid Teflon)
  • On electric ranges, clean stovetop burner pans and rings
  • Soak bottles to easily remove labels
  • Soak dirty bottles to remove crud from inside without a bottle brush
  • Clean an old deck by soaking and scrubbing
  • Clean green buildup on house siding
  • Remove mossy buildup on concrete or rock walking paths
  • Remove black stains from shingles on a house

Let me know if there are more uses!